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VIDEO DEMOS (Voiced, Written and Produced)



Have you ever wondered "How the heck did I get here?" Heckuva a journey, right? Here's my whirlwind tour:


By applying the “BLT+P Technique” and accompanied by a chorus of snores while commuting on a bus to NYC from the outer burbs, scored gigs at Atlantic, Warner Bros., Asylum Records, and NBC. Then came the really big stuff: working on on feature films with Academy Award icons MARTIN SCORSESE, PAUL NEWMAN, and SIDNEY LUMET

Absorbing everything I could from these masters and their peers including BILL MURRAY and JAMES MASON who "had a voice like a Stradivarius," took what I learned from them and created compelling work for Warner Bros. Music, MTV, and IAC, writing copy, scripts, dialog and content.

At IAC, where I was a user experience (UX) copywriter and content producer, I introduced dialog to our animation division and opened up the voiceover department, knocking out dozens of scripts with new characters and voicing more than 70 videos. All of this experience and knowledge gets poured into your projects.


To keep fresh and mentally limber, I perform with a wonderful group of creatives in improv classes; engage in voiceover "workouts" where I direct and am directed by professional VO colleagues; emcee events; and make spontaneous appearances on national television, including The Tonight Show, ABC's What Would You Do, and The Antiques Road Show where I broke up a brawl between Raggedy Anns over who was more authentic. 




"Pete's got the touch. The timing, tone, and timbre in his voiceover tells great stories, energizing the work he performs on. He's professional, dependable and collaborative, and I look forward to working with him again to see what new wonderful ideas he delivers."

Roger Sherman

Emmy Award Winning and Oscar Nominated

Director and Producer

Florentine Films



Lightning Reels

Check out this “Lightening Reel” that quickly grabs the attention of people that want to cast you. Different from the standard 2-3 minute “sizzle reels,” we’ll create a work capitalizing on my feature film, script writing, editing and music experience that teases and tells your story to boost your career. [Rated PG]:

You may have noticed the copy in this site often talks about you first. I refer to it as User Centric Copywriting and apply it to SEO, E-commerce, websites, apps, scripts, social media, ads, descriptions, on-boarding, E-mail, and other content. It’s key to Millions in conversion cash for Startups and the Fortune 500 folks. See additional samples here and let’s put some money in your pocket.

Engaging Emceeing

Need a host to emcee your corporate gathering, celebration, or non-profit? Can do! I'll work with you to understand your goals and create a memorable event to delight your audience. Need me to portray a character? You got it. Can write tailored tributes in prose, poems and lyrics, too.


Why do I Need a VO Pro? Frank, over in accounting, sounds fine.

While Frank may be capable, it's like servicing your Porsche at a Chevy dealer. Whether it's an ad, promotional piece or e-learning video, you're looking to drive revenue. This requires painting with one's voice, to color the words, giving them texture to conjure up enticing images or enhancing visuals. It's achieved with professional acting, timing, cadence, and tone. This ensures getting it right the first time, saving you money, time and angst. And depending on the scope of the project, you receive the work within 12-24 hours.

Looks like you've got a lot of big name clients you've done work for, isn't this expensive?

My rates are competitive. And let's face it, you have a budget. I'm seeking to have a long term relationship with you so I will deliver for you on that budget. I'll put a quote together we'll both be happy with, one that gets you kudos from your colleagues.

Can you voice a part of my script so I can hear you read it before I hire you?

Yes. Am delighted to record some lines from your copy and send it to you for approval. No charge of course. Just include with the script some direction. For instance, tell me the person you envision speaking, say, a bright-eyed dad or a thoughtful boss, as well as the tone you're thinking about, such as "enthusiastic," "authoritative," "concerned."

If I'd like, can I direct you from a remote location, like say, from my treehouse?

Absolutely. There's no need for us to be in the same room. Working from my Personal Professional Studio, we can be live on Skype or Zoom so you can hear your script as I read it, allowing you to give me direction before and after I do takes. Keep in mind the work will need editing afterwards. I'm also SOURCE-CONNECT ready.

Can you add music and sound effects if I need them?

Yes. Keep in mind companies charge fees for these items and I have to do research to find the right fit. These elements add time to your project and need to be part of your budget. 

What equipment are you on?

Roger that. Different mics work for different people. Since I have a lot of personalities taking up residence in my head, my go-to mic is one that's specifically designed for VO: the MLX V01A. I record and edit audio with Adobe Audition.

When you deliver the voiceover do I have to adjust it in any way? 

Unless otherwise requested, you'll receive a clean, edited voiceover to use for posting or broadcast. If you have an audio department, they may request I use certain settings when I record, which I can do. They may also want to make sonic changes to the recording I submit. I deliver completed work in mp3, wav and other formats via an email service supporting large files, the cloud, or FTP.

If I want to make changes after the voiceover is delivered, will I need to Airbnb my bedroom pay for it?

My goal is you be happy with the work. If you have small things like just a few words, or a line or two, no additional fee. If we're talking about chunks of text or a new script read, or replacing music and sound effects (if your piece includes this), then we'll have to discuss wider budget parameters.

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