• Consult with product managers and designers on how to combine five steps into three.

  • Instruct without using video and fit it all on a single screen.

  • Make the task fun. Dissolve resistance to work with light humor.


  • Appeal to readers in language and tone that resonates with them to quickly convey their problem is easily solved.

  • Write within Facebook text parameters including number of characters, lines, and text ratio placement on the image.

  • Kick off copy with call-to-action words that engage and motivate.


  • Tell a full story on a single screen

  • In the story, communicate how easy the product or service is to use.

  • Use calls to action in the header. In the body, give readers several opportunities to click.

VIDEO SCRIPT - PROMOTION (Also Produced and Voiced)

  • Collaborate with client on how to convey a new way of storytelling through artwork, while getting it across in the simplest terms possible.

  • Write a script that moves along briskly to keep the viewer engaged.

  • Appeal to the viewer that by using the services of the client, they'll stand out and be part of a prestigious group.